By DeepSource

Use of an old generation AWS elasticache cluster node type TF-L0035


Previous node types are inferior to current generation in terms of performance and fee. Unless there is a special reason, you should avoid to use these ones. It is recommended to select a current generation node type according to the upgrade paths.

Bad example

resource "aws_elasticache_cluster" "redis" {
  cluster_id           = "app"
  engine               = "redis"
  engine_version       = "3.2.4"
  maintenance_window   = "sun:00:00-sun:06:00"
  node_type            = "cache.t1.micro" // previous node type!
  num_cache_nodes      = 1
  port                 = 6379
  parameter_group_name = "default.redis3.2"
  subnet_group_name    = "app-subnet-group"
  security_group_ids   = ["${aws_security_group.redis.id}"]