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Found transmute between tuple and array or slice RS-E1032

Bug risk

In Rust, the transmute function is used to reinterpret the bits of a value of one type as another type. Hence, both types must have the same size.

Compilation will fail if this is not guaranteed. Transmute is semantically equivalent to a bitwise move of one type into another. It copies the bits from the source value into the destination value.

As tuples don't have a fixed layout, transmuting from a tuple type to array or slice is considered undefined behaviour.

Consider using pattern matching.

Bad practice

fn foo() {
    let zeroed_array: [u64; 2] = unsafe { std::mem::transmute((0u64, 0u64)) };


fn foo() {
    let zeroed_array: [u64; 2] = match (0u64, 0u64) {
        (x, y) => [x, y]