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Should not have unused variables JS-0128

Bug risk

Found variables that are declared but not used anywhere.

NOTE: In browser applications, DeepSource recommends the use of ESModules over regular text/javascript scripts. Currently, we don't support variables that are not explicitly exported, and are injected into other scripts by being included in an HTML file

Unused variables are most often the result of incomplete refactoring. They can lead to confusing code and minor performance hitches.

NOTE: If you have intentionally left a variable unused, we suggest you to prefix the variable name with a _ to prevent them from being flagged by DeepSource.

Bad Practice

// Write-only variables are not considered as used.
let y = 10;
y = 5;

// A variable that modifies only itself isn't considered used.
let z = 0;
z = z + 1;

// Unused argument
(function(x) {
    return 5;

// Unused recursive functions also raise this issue.
function fact(n) {
    if (n < 2) return 1;
    return n * fact(n - 1);

// When a function definition destructures an array,
// unused entries from the array also cause warnings.
function getY([x, y]) {
    return y;


let x = 10;

((arg1) => {
    return arg1;

let myFunc;
myFunc = (n) => {
    // this is legal
    if (n < 0) myFunc();

// this is also considered legal
var declaredLater;

// Only the second argument from the descructured array is used.
function getY([, y]) {
    return y;