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Avoid using console in code that runs on browser JS-0002

Bug risk

It is considered a best practice to avoid the use of any console methods in JavaScript code that will run on the browser.

NOTE: If your repository contains a server side project, you can add "nodejs" to the environment property of analyzer meta in .deepsource.toml. This will prevent this issue from getting raised. Documentation for the analyzer meta can be found here. Alternatively, you can silence this issue for your repository as shown here.

If a specific console call is meant to stay for other reasons, you can add a skipcq comment to that line. This will inform other developers about the reason behind the log's presence, and prevent DeepSource from flagging it.

Usually, console methods are only used for debugging, and can leak internal info to the client. Removing the console call will fix this issue.

Bad Practice

if (!secure(data)) {
  console.log("data is not secure", data) // `data` is visible to the client



if (!secure(data)) {
  // alter the DOM to inform the user that `data` is insecure.

console.table(tableObj) // skipcq: JS-0002 Easter egg. Users are meant to see this.