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Object should not be passed where a generic type is expected JAVA-W1036

Bug risk

This code appears to pass a value of type java.lang.Object where a generic typed argument would have been expected. This will cause errors such as ClassCastExceptions if the value passed is not of the correct type at runtime.

Avoid passing Object values to methods that expect generic types unless there is a very specific use case.

While it is true that Java's generic types are stored at runtime as just Object values, this does not mean it is okay to pass or expect Object instead of the correct type.

Java only allows one to do so by casting the receiver type of the called method to a "raw" non-generic version first.

Bad Practice

HashMap<String, Integer> hs = new HashMap<>();

((HashMap)hs).put(new Object(), 3);
// OR
((HashMap)hs).put((Object) "newkey", 3);

Note that to force this code to work, hs needed to first be cast to a "raw" HashMap type before we could abuse it.

Even if the type of the argument passed at runtime is correct, making the value's type Object will increase the chances of a bad cast or some other unsupported operation occurring later on.


Use only the intended generic type when using generics.

hs.put("String1", 3);


If such code is completely intentional and is accomplishing some specific goal, it may be safe to ignore this issue.