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Paths in chained antMatchers invocations are not ordered by specificity JAVA-S1064

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URL patterns that appear in chained antMatchers calls should be ordered by specificity of the path that they match.

In Spring, it is common to configure URL access control by invoking HttpSecurity.authorizeRequests() and following that with a chain of antMatchers calls to specify the URL that needs to be restricted. The patterns that appear in antMatchers calls are considered in the order they appear.

For example, if one configures the path user/** to be accessible by everyone and a subsequent antMatchers call specifies that everything matching the pattern user/admin is accessible only to the admin, then the overall configuration will allow everyone to access user/admin.

More generally, if a less specific pattern appears before a more specific one and they happen to match the same paths, then it is possible, by mistake, to misconfigure access control so that the less specific matcher undoes the configurations set for more specific patterns.

Bad Practice



Consider ordering the antMatchers calls so that the more specific pattern appears early.



  • OWASP Top Ten (2021) - Category A01 - Broken Access Control
  • OWASP Top Ten (2021) - Category A05 - Security Misconfiguration
  • CWE-284 - Improper Access Control