LedFx / ledfx_v3

Documentation of an exported function should start with the function’s name GO-D5001
2 occurrences in this check
comment on exported method CloneToAll should be of the form "CloneToAll ..."
 92	return
 95// Clones the pixels for a given id to all other pixel outputs. 96func (pg *PixelGroup) CloneToAll(id string) {
 97	if _, ok := pg.Group[id]; !ok {
 98		log.Logger.WithField("context", "Pixel Group").Debugf("ID %s does not exist in this pixel group", id)
comment on exported function NewPixelGroup should be of the form "NewPixelGroup ..."
 16	TotalLen   int                     // total number of pixels
 19// creates a pixel group for a slice of device IDs 20func NewPixelGroup(devices map[string]*device.Device, order []string) (pg *PixelGroup, err error) {
 21	pg = new(PixelGroup)
 22	pg.Group = make(map[string]color.Pixels)