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Interface is unimplementable JAVA-E1041

Bug risk

This interface cannot be implemented because it declares one or more methods that clash with the names of methods defined in java.lang.Object.

Rename the methods that clash with Object's declared methods so that there are no more conflicts.

The methods defined in Object have certain specific properties: * Attempting to redeclare Object's final methods in a class or interface with the same name and formal parameters will always fail with a compilation error. * Public overridable methods of Object (such as toString()) will similarly not allow overloads that have the same argument types but different return types. * Protected methods, such as clone() may be defined with a different return type in an interface without incident, but cannot ever be implemented, because the declarations present in both the interface and within Object would clash.

The third point in particular is not immediately apparent. But when a class attempts to inherit from an affected interface, javac will raise a compile error.

Bad Practice

interface SomeInterface {

    int toString(); // This is a compile error.

    void wait(); // wait is final in object, it cannot be overridden.

    String clone(); // clone is protected in Object and will clash when this interface is implemented.

class SomeClass implements SomeInterface {

    String clone() { // This method's signature will clash with the one defined in Object.
        return "";


Give the offending method(s) a different name to avoid clashes with Object's members.