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Whitespace characters must always be escaped JAVA-E1029

Bug risk

There are many whitespace characters other than the space character (' ') defined in the Unicode standard. However, using these characters without properly escaping them can cause unintended behavior, bugs or even a security breach to occur.

There has been an example of a security vulnerability due to the lack of escaping certain whitespace characters: CVE-2021-42574.

Bad Practice

This issue is raised when any whitespace character other than ' ' (the space character) is used without an escape sequence.

String withATab = "A    B";
String withZeroWidthSpace = "abc​def"; // There's a character between abc and def here.
char tabChar = '    ';
System.out.println("5678,‮6776, 4321‬, USD");

Try selecting the text of the last line in this example; you may notice some strange behavior...

This is due to the use of the Unicode right-to-left override character (U+202E), which lets us force the following characters to be formatted as right-to-left, and the pop directional formatting character (U+202C) which removes the current directional formatting override.


Always escape whitespace characters which are not spaces.

char goodTab = '    ';
String goodStringWithTab = "A   B";
String withZeroWidthSpace = "abc​def";
String bidiText = "5678, ‮6776, 4321‬, USD"